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Welcome to Muller Flight Training

Here you can find extra resources for your current training, contact information for Mike Muller, CFI, and information to support you in your journey to become a pilot, gain certification, or keep current!

About Mike

Mike is a long time resident of Peachtree City, Georgia who grew up around aviation and two airmen: his father, an airline pilot, and his mother, a flight attendant. He received his ratings through both private instruction and ATP Flight School and has over 350 hours total time in many different airplane models. Find out more here.

How Can Mike help you?

Individual Instruction

Learning to fly is not easy, and because learning to fly is not easy, instruction must be individually tailored to each student every time. I will work with you to find what works best, how to meet your goals on your timeline, and keep the costs down. I will NOT make learning to fly any harder than it has to be. My program works around you!

Continuity of Instructor & Instruction

By working directly with me, there will be no chance that you will be moved from instructor to instructor throughout your training. You will have an instructor who already knows how to teach you in a way that works for you. There will never be any need to contact a corporate office: just your instructor and you.

Loving Aviation

Learning to fly shouldn’t be about just gaining certification but becoming a part of the aviation community. Look, loving flying isn’t a guarantee: loving flying starts from day one and evolves based on the people you’re around. I aim to show why pilots love what they do everyday, from general aviation to the airlines, we should be enjoying every step of the way.

What People Say

He was a really talented, calm and thorough instructor and a really fun guy to fly with!

Grant W.

Wonderful job communicating ideas and showing how they apply in the airplane.

Sarah Berry, CFI, CFII, MEI